The cancellation policy is designed to protect Jake Mahon’s Guide Service’s revenue in the case of last-minute cancellations and no-shows. If a day is reserved for you to fish, and you cancel last minute or don’t show up, it is unlikely that another trip can be booked in time to preserve that revenue.

• If you cancel more than 48 hours from the trip start time there will be no charge and your deposit will be returned.
• A last-minute cancellation is a reciprocated verbal or written communication between Jake Mahon’s Guide Service and the booked clientele within 24 hours of the trip start time. A trip start time is considered 6:00 am the morning that the trip is scheduled, regardless of when the guide and client agree to meet. An email, text message, voicemail, or other communication of cancellation that has not been opened, viewed, or otherwise received by Jake Mahon’s Guide Service does not qualify as an official cancellation; that is considered a no-show.
• A no-show occurs when Jake Mahon’s Guide Service cannot contact you, has not received communication of cancellation from you, and you don’t show up for your scheduled trip. If you do not respond by phone, text, or email and you do not show up to your scheduled trip, the guide will wait for 1 hour from the time you and the guide had planned to meet. If you do not show up and the guide has not heard from you by this time, this qualifies as a no-show.
• If you reschedule your trip for another day, you will not be charged for cancellation or no-show. If a trip is not rescheduled following a cancellation or no-show, you will forfeit your $100 per person per day deposit.


By sending a deposit, it is implied that you are familiar with this cancellation policy