Consultation & Teaching

Could consultation be for you?

  • New to Oregon?

  • New to steelheading or trout fishing?

  • Got a family trip coming up you want to be prepared for?

  • Just want to learn how to be safe?

  • You own a driftboat?

Jake also offers consultation services to clients and teaches fishing seminars across the state of Oregon. His consultation service is for those who own a drift boat but are not yet dialed in enough to consistently catch fish. It’s no mystery that not everyone wants to hire a guide, even if they could benefit from the help. Jake is licensed and insured to go on your boat with you and help you get things figured out. Questions others have presented:

  • Where should the tips of my rods be when pulling plugs?
  • What about scent?
  • How do I tie the perfect yarn fly?
  • What size float should I use when running a jig?
  • Is it safe to put in at this launch at this water level?
  • Is this anchor big enough?
  • Why do I get snagged up so much?
  • How do I row this boat!?


More details in the PDF below


Jake periodically teaches seminars related to steelhead and trout fishing for organizations such as Cabela’s and Sportsman’s Warehouse.






Who Mentored You?

Jake is passionate about getting kids outdoors and a fishing rod in their hand. He is a major advocate and volunteer for:

  • Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
  • Northwest Steelheaders
  • Committed Partners for Youth Mentoring Program
  • Special Olympics

Through these organizations Jake actively facilitates getting kids involved in outdoor pursuits.

In the interest of getting kids outside, Jake offers cheaper rates for kids during guided trips (see Rates here). Since the main aim of consultation is education, kids under 18 go on the boat free during consultation.


You too can fish like a pro. Let’s take your boat and get you dialed in!